About the Awards

The Washington State Wine Awards (formerly known as Washington Wine Restaurant Awards) was established in 2002 to recognize leaders throughout the wine industry that exhibit strong support of Washington wines and high professional standards in wine service.

Nominees are selected either by submitting application materials, by a public nomination process, or by a panel of judges depending on the specific award. A judging panel comprised of growers, wine producers, and influential members of the Washington State wine industry subsequently evaluates these individuals, restaurants, and organizations on a variety of criteria to determine award winners.
Winners are exemplary individuals and businesses that champion Washington State wines and the local wine industry. They help us spread the word that Washington has a reputation for premium wines with superior quality across a range of varietals and distinctive character exhibiting a unique balance of the Old World and New World. They are chosen for their impressive menus, innovative educational programs and marketing efforts, and commitment to excellent service. They perform a vital role in shaping Washington State as both a favored home and destination for those who enjoy outstanding wines.
Specific awards include:
Restaurant Industry
Restaurant of the Year
Independent Restaurant of the Year
Restaurant Group of the Year
Sommelier of the Year
Grand Award
Retail & Distribution
Retailer of the Year
Independent Retailer of the Year
Retailer Chain of the Year
Retailer Steward/Salesperson of the Year
Distributor of the Year
Distributor Salesperson of the Year
Tourism Champion of the Year
Best Wine Event featuring Washington Wine
Hotel of the Year
Tourism Concierge of the Year
Walter Clore Honorarium

Judging Criteria: Click here to see the judging criteria used to determine award winners.